From tradition to innovation, looking to the future since 1951

Effective results respecting people and territory: this is the way GRUPPO LUCI designs and develops integrated solutions for the environment.


GRUPPO LUCI was founded in 1951 with the activity of Francesco Luci. Through the foundation of deriving companies, the activities expanded at an international level. The solidity of the Group is due to an innovation-based vision: this is the element that allows to offer a range of 360° environmental solutions. Innovation is the identity trait of Gruppo Luci, and its key element for a constant growth. R&D allows us to create new replicable solutions meeting the needs of the market, and to be engaged implementing new skills and knowledge.

Thanks to this vision, over time we have explored innovative solutions and planned fruitful synergies among our services.
More in detail:

  • Gesteco and its brands do operate in various areas, including remediation, waste disposal, laboratory analysis, demolition, extraction and processing of inert materials, design and construction of prefabricated elements.
  • Labiotest researches, develops and installs innovative technologies for the improvement of air quality and the elimination of odors. Labiotest activities include plant design and construction, reactivation of existing plants, as well as providing technical and regulatory advice.
  • LOD - Dynamic Olfactometry Laboratory deals with measuring and monitoring of odors. LOD was born in collaboration with the University of Udine, an emblematic case of our scientific and innovative approach.
  • Metaplas is the company involved in the recovery and reuse of plastics and wood.

Our gaze towards the future and the world does not exclude attention to the past and to the territory. Gruppo Luci is a solid group thanks to the experience acquired in more than 30 years of activity, from which we draw on to respond to the challenges of the future. 

The vocation to transform and evolve a local reality in a company with an international flavor is typical of the regional territory of Friuli Venezia Giulia region, and its entrepreneurial tradition. This attention allows us to offer innovative solutions, all over the world since 1951.