The well-being of people and the quality of life

Gruppo Luci is committed to preserving the future starting from concrete actions in the present


For several years the Luci Group has been committed to this front with activities aimed at improving the environment around us (environmental sustainability), but also with social sustainability that aims at improving general living conditions.

"By sustainability we mean the condition whereby the present generation satisfies its needs without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy theirs".  


Sustainability, both environmental and social, pervades every company of the group, in the actions of the present but also towards the objectives for the future.

We offer recovery and treatment services for inert waste, sludge from dredging and water, but we also develop technologies aimed at improving air quality by allowing the abatement of odors, chemical contaminants and dust.

We believe in the recovery and reuse of waste, through Metaplas in fact we recover plastics, wood and biodegradable waste for the production of compost and biomass.  

Attention is also focused on our assets and daily activities: from our creations, such as the new headquarters of the Gesteco Inert materials and Pre-packaged Division located in Pradamano (UD) designed with an Ecodesign perspective, to eco-sustainable packaging for ùniko mortars and containers of Labiotest products created with recycled material, to small daily gestures aimed at reducing plastic in the company. 


We also promote social sustainability aimed at improving conditions both inside and outside the group, through various activities such as: 

  • Projects to promote and disseminate the culture of safety
  • The sponsorship of local sports activities and projects to support disability
  • The promotion of the new degree course in industrial engineering for environmental sustainability
  • The application of Workplace Health Promotion for health and well-being in the workplace.