People's well-being and quality of life

We use a cutting-edge methodology that not only optimizes resources, but also guarantees the possibility of recovery and reuse for energy purposes.


Other environmental engineering projects, such as land reclamation, reclaiming and regenerating polluted areas, the analysis of the land, water and air and the assessment of chemical, noise and vibration risks, make environmental protection the mission of Gruppo Luci.

“Getting to know your planet is a step towards protecting it"

Jacques Cousteau


Analysis and treatment of odors: innovation at the service of people.

Gruppo Luci offers a 360 ° service regarding the analysis of odors. Starting from the characterization of the source, it continues with the predictions of the odor impact and its possible dispersion. For the treatment and elimination of odors Gruppo Luci guarantees integrated services, always customized on the needs of the customer. This methodology, based on innovation and research, guarantees a competitive advantage on national and international markets.