Recovery and reuse of plastic and wood material


Metaplas Srl is the company of Gruppo Luci based in Metaponto, in the province of Matera, which was established with the aim of recovering and enhancing products deriving from the agricultural and agro-industrial sector.

The etymology of its name also reveals its mission: the term "meta", in addition to the territory in which it stands, recalls the Greek word "metamorphosis", which means transformation and rebirth. In fact, the recovery of non-hazardous waste is destined for recycling.

Specifically, the processing cycle includes temporary storage and volumetric adjustment through bales. The waste is subsequently collected and treated as non-hazardous and reusable waste. While, as far as the recovery cycle is concerned, non-hazardous waste is preliminarily subjected to a sequence of processes which involves selection, crushing, grinding, separation of the unwanted fractions and finally homogenization of the obtained material. This process is used to obtain secondary raw materials to be reused in production cycles.

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