Labiotest researches, develops and installs technologies to improve air quality by reducing emissions and ensuring innovative and technologically advanced solutions.


The thirty-year experience of Labiotest Srl allows us to offer multiple solutions for air treatment and for the abatement of odors, chemical contaminants and dust.The service offered by Labiotest is 360°: starting from a careful examination of the production site and from the analysis of the problem, Labiotest designs, tests and installs its systems, ensuring after-sales assistance and maintenance.

The reduction of odor emissions can occur through two different types of intervention: 

  •  at the sourcethus identifying the emissive processes which, if optimized, makes it possible to significantly reduce the impact with the environment, with a view to "clean technology"; 
  • at the emission then analyzing the chemical and physical characteristics of the effluents to provide the optimal technological solutions of abatement ("end of pipe technologies"), both in terms of management and performance. 

 For the specific needs of the restaurant industry, Labiotest has developed an ad hoc solution: Zephiro-UTS

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