Research and Development

Constantly modernized and refined techniques and procedures, together with the choice of the best materials: these are the prerogatives that characterize Gruppo Luci's mindset.


Through a solid scientific method and thanks to collaborations with the most prestigious research institutes, Gruppo Luci has established its activities in niche sectors, always looking to the future: as for air treatment, helping to spread a new way of understanding the concept of  "quality of the air" thanks to its patents covered.

From HPS evo, an innovative air misting system for the treatment with osmogenic barrier, to the DKFil® brand, a dry chemical-physical filter for the reduction of odors and chemical contaminants, to the Air'Suite brand, the revolutionary system to purify the air that simultaneously abates odors and bacteria in indoor spaces.


Design spaces with a human dimension to improve the quality of life.


The Group has ventured into areas of great potential, such as dynamic olfactometry.

Increasingly required, the olfactory measurement service is becoming, especially in Europe (because of the regulations in force), of fundamental importance. The design of spaces with high rates of innovation for work solutions is another area in which Gruppo Luci offers its knowledge to improve brightness, air conditioning and energy savings. The multiple facets of Gruppo Luci are all united by a single strong identity, an organizational method that uses innovation as the common thread of all its entrepreneurial choices.