Magic Xmas january, 11th - Progetto Autismo FVG ONLUS

Published by Gruppo Luci on 11 January 2020

The desire to organize this event stems from Gruppo Luci vision of work and commitment. This has been transmitting for over forty years of corporate growth.

From M.V. 09.01.2020: "We are an active part in this network of people that responds with sensitivity and attention to opportunities.

We want to celebrate together with employees, families and communities to celebrate the new year and the value of work, also and above all as social growth. The whole community is able to grow through work and commitment, and so it is possible to achieve the wellbeing of the territory in all of its aspects: not only economical but also supportive, cultural, environmental and human."

The initiative is sponsored by the Municipality of Povoletto in collaboration with the Associazione Culturale Incanto and CiviBank.