Telefriuli_Community Fvg_09 Ottobre 2019

Published by Gruppo Luci on 9 October 2019
About Us

Telefriuli_Community Fvg_09th Ottobre 2019

Community Fvg is a journey into the economy of our region by Confcooperative Fvg and Fvg Bcc.

Credito Cooperativo has always been committed to the communities where it is located and in support of the territory. In this episode, the President of the Bank of Udine, Mr. Sirch, shows all the services that are carried out around the companies that work in the territory, in this case, companies that deal with environmental services, including Gruppo Luci.

We have always been committed to sustainability, we carry out activities ranging from laboratory analysis, emissions, design and construction of plants for waste treatment and disposal and much more.

An articulated system of skills ready to offer industries a complete service.

The strength of our Group is not the volumes but the skills, with these we are able to face the increasingly complex markets. It is important to have the characteristics to face them and to be able to offer the right solutions in a sustainable way.