The green Lab

Research, development and innovation


Start-up of sustainability, BIOMETA was born in the Research to Business context: planning the development of business activities deriving from (industrial) research

A context created to bring together the needs of businesses and the world of researchers, ideas, results and research products.

BIOMETA can be a meeting place between demand and supply of technology and innovation, to facilitate new opportunities for the development of green solutions in a multi-sector and international context. 


The purpose: to innovate products and processes, promoting the industrial system's competitiveness with new ideas and new technologies.

The goal of the start-up is research and development of innovative technologies in order to create energy from renewable sources.

BIOMETA wants to become a meeting point between supply and demand of agricultural and agro-zootechnical crop residues and organic waste and by-products resulting from the processing, transformation and commercialization of the main agro-food chains.

A project that brings together producers and those who value organic matrices offering feasibility studies that want to start the design and construction of new plants for the production of energy, biofuels and bioproducts, from renewable sources.

This particular scenario offers to new entrepreneurial initiatives a place where they can promote their products and services in the environmental framework, through the development of new projects between consolidated companies and, more generally, networking with subjects that in various ways - research, services, finance - help and facilitate the creation and development of innovative start-ups.

The goal is simple: moving faster and smarter towards green economy solutions. The initiatives identified insist on different environmental issues, including agriculture, km 0, natural parks, waste and biomass.

Thanks to BIOMETA, a potential to be used as a resource to be able to dialogue and evaluate new opportunities is made available to Laboratories, Research Centers, Universities and companies.