Le aziende del Gruppo Luci - Gesteco, Labiotest, Lod, Kenius, Úniko, Airsuite - svolgono il ruolo di partner per le imprese, coadiuvando il loro sviluppo ed aumentando il valore delle loro attività, grazie a soluzioni integrate e tecnologicamente avanzate per il rispetto dell'ambiente e delle persone. Per raggiungere questi obiettivi, garantiscono elevatissimi livelli di professionalità e innovazione, attraverso investimenti nella ricerca per un miglioramento costante di servizi, procedure e tecniche utilizzate. In Gruppo Luci si progettano e sviluppano soluzioni integrate per l’ambiente, offrendo servizi di qualità e garantendo la salvaguardia del territorio.

Due to 30 years of experience, Gesteco provides technical support, together with innovative and reliable solutions for public and private spaces, industrial areas and civilian buildings: better environment, better health.

Reclamation of polluted sites;

Extraction activities and aggregates production;

Precast concrete buildings. 


Aggregates and preconditioned elements

Gesteco is a solid reality in the field extraction, processing and sale of aggregates needed in the building industry and ùniko is its Brand.

After an accurate selection, aggregates coming from quarries, excavation works and restoration works of water streams go through a washing and crushing process.

The company offers a complete range of materials (with CE certificates), now completed with the production of mortars manufactured in ùniko sacks.


Matter and spirit

KENIUS - Concrete Genius, is a Brand that can be applied to multiple realities.

Kenius is an atelier for cement, where to deal with ambitious projects every day, in order to discover new possibilities for any type of building works, starting from engineering and ending with final furnishing details.

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